When sports teams suck at life, we can always look forward to a random animal to steal the show.

If it’s a random squirrel running for its life or a bird getting creamed by a ball, animals just always seem to steal the show when the games are boring.

Well, recently, a cat nearly lost all nine lives and became the real MVP of this Miami Hurricanes game.

Sometimes you are at a Jets or a Dallas Cowboys game and you are just praying for something positive to happen as your team gets demolished before your very eyes.

Then, out of nowhere, a squirrel minding its own business and its nuts just shoots across the field dodging cleats like Biden dodges questions.

And while other fans watch a baseball game that seems like it will never end then, poof, there goes a pigeon exploding by a pitch.

Well thank the Lord an animal saved the fans in Miami from focusing on just how bad their college football team really is.

During the Hurricanes’ game against Appalachian State, random excitement hit the fans as a cat started dangling from the grandstands.

Fans weren’t this enthralled at a Miami game all season and they watched in both horror and amazement as the cat appeared to fall to its death.

But as you can see in the video above, out of nowhere Old Glory saved the day again as a fan used the American flag as a net to stifle the cat’s fall.

And the cat decided to pay respects to those who saved his life by shredding their hands to pieces.

There wasn’t a single sorority girl with dry eyes in the place after this heroic fall and catch.

And nothing beats a game souvenir like stitches and a rabies shot.

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