With so much competition and so many rivalries in sports there are some memorable betrayals throughout sports history.

But of all the backstabbers we have seen in sports, this coach has to be the worst.

And a college football coach just committed one of the biggest betrayals in sports history and fans are furious.

Nearly every guy loves himself some competition.

And that’s exactly why so many guys love sports.

It’s nothing but pure competition.

Sure you have the beta male every once in a while who could care less about competing and winning.

All those weirdos are usually soccer fans and that’s why no red-blooded American gives a damn about soccer.

But in the rest of the sports world the knives are out.

And that’s created some insane rivalries.

With insane sports rivalries come some of the biggest betrayals in human history.

Americans know a thing or two about traitors as our nation was nearly derailed by some buttface named Benedict Arnold who tried to sell out the colonies for a name and title.

But thankfully the United States won, Benedict Arnold lost, and now we have the best sport in the world with football.

And in football these days, we have traitors who would rival Benedict Arnold.

Remember when Brett Favre was the savior of the Green Bay Packer then he left them for the inner division rival Vikings?

But it looks like we have a new traitor in football who could rival any of the past backstabbers in the game.

Louisville Head Coach Scott Satterfield is leaving the team before their bowl game.

Thatā€™s not unusual.

What is unusual is that Coach Satterfield is leaving Louisville to go coach Cincinnati, which is the team that Louisville will play in the bowl game.

You are going to have a coach on one side of the field who knows the other team’s whole playbook because he literally made the playbook.

Now the Fenway Bowl will be an interesting bowl game to watch.

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