There is always that one parent at every sporting event who is a little too . . . intense.

We’ve all seen it before . . . the parent in question will yell at their kids, argue with the refs and piss everyone off around them.

But at a high school basketball game, a crazed parent went out of control . . . and it turns out the parent is a bigger figure than just some crazy basketball dad.

High school sports are important for young people . . . it teaches them about the importance of losing and winning, it teaches them how to use failure to improve themselves and the importance of physical fitness.

But there are some parents out there who take things way too far.

A prime example of parents getting out of hand occurred just the other night at a high school basketball game.

The game was between Lakeway Christian Academy and Providence Academy in Johnson City, TN and according to reports, the ref called technical fouls on both teams after players from both teams got a little too physical going for a loose ball.

Nothing out of the ordinary at all.

But this prompted one of the players’ father, Jeremy Faison, to run onto the court and tell the ref “You can’t tell me to leave the floor, this was your fault.”

The ref obviously told him to get off the court, and in response, Faison tried to pull the ref’s pants down.

But Jeremy Faison is no ordinary crazy basketball parent . . .

He is none other than Representative Jeremy Faison, who represents over 62,000 people in the Tennessee House of Representatives.

To make matters worse, he is the Chair of the Tennessee House Republican Caucus.

Clearly, this is a very bad look for State Rep. Faison.

Faison was quick to apologize for his actions, but it is too little too late . . . because this pantsing has now gone viral.

Pantsing a ref is bad enough for any old basketball dad, but an elected official?

You would think that he would have better judgement than that, but when it comes to politicians nothing is surprising these days.

Moving forward it is unclear whether this incident will cause Faison to resign, or simply retire after his term is over.

Either way, Faison will have some explaining to do if he has higher hopes for his political career.

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