Most women’s sports are just dreadful to watch.

But the Left has a great idea to make women sports great again – just have guys participate in women’s sports.

And a dude totally dominated the NCAA women’s competition, showing that it takes a guy to make girl’s sports worth watching.

Many people in the sports world have been perplexed as to why women’s sports just don’t get the same coverage as men’s sports.

Well, maybe it could be because women’s sports are usually the last thing many of us want to watch.

Honestly, when was the last time you grabbed a cold one out of the fridge, sat down on the coach, turned on the TV, and said “you know, I would really like to watch some women’s basketball.”

No man with a pair has ever said those words.

But it’s not just women’s basketball that is awful to watch but also other sports like swimming.

First off, swimming really isn’t a sport.

If you can lose to a goldfish at it, then it isn’t a sport.

But excluding that glaring issue, women’s swimming has never been on the top of anyone’s list of must see TV.

Well, that all changed with the Left’s great idea of having a guy now dominate college women’s swimming.

Freaking genius idea.

Most have heard the story about the UPenn swimmer, who is a guy named “Lia” Thomas, who claims that he is actually a chick.

The dude ain’t fooling no one but the NCAA, as they let him swim on as a woman and he utterly dominated his competition.

It’s ridiculous, but Thomas just won a national championship at swimming.

During the Division I college women’s swimming national championship, Thomas entered the pool for the 500 freestyle race and completely dominated the NCAA’s best including an Olympic silver medalist.

And you can tell the actual women in the competition weren’t too pleased with the guy winning their race.

Some are even claiming that we should recognize the second place winner Emma Weyant.

But during this whole mental denial of biology by the radical Left, many are wondering why the NCAA is on board with this.

Could it be because people are actually now watching women’s swimming?

Odds are this was the first time anyone ever watched college women’s swimming.

So in all fairness, it took a dude to make women’s swimming worth watching.

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