He’s been no stranger to controversy in recent years.

But allegations of miscommunication that led to hurting the game really rubbed him the wrong way.

And a fired-up Aaron Rodgers had harsh words to say about this media report.

A media report has recently surfaced regarding Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers regarding his supposedly elusive hand signals.

This week on “The Pat McAfee Show,” Rodgers forcefully pushed back.

It all stems from a report published in “The Athletic,” which claims Rodgers used old hand signals that younger players were unaware of, hurting the game.

According to the article, the signals are passed down through players and even some coaches aren’t aware of them.

Apparently, some former players said they felt uneasy around Rodgers and were struggling to learn his signals.

According to veteran receiver Sammy Watkins, the Packers have “two offenses in one.”

One is the official scheme and the other is for Rodgers’ specific details, “whether it is angle, yardage, eye, head, or tempo.”

Watkins said, “If you’re not up to date 100 percent of the time, you pretty much can’t go out there and make plays. You can’t really play fast, and I think that’s what the young guys kind of are — not afraid of — but if you’re just trying to do the right thing, you are not focusing on getting open, you are not focusing on releases.”

Packers quarterback Jordan Love said, “That’s definitely something wide receivers don’t look forward to, is the signal meeting, because we have so many. You don’t want any of that stuff getting out, so we wait until the season starts to start going through signals. Aaron will bring signals back from five or six years ago that he used to have in an older offense. He’ll just signal it out there and you just kind of got to know, and if you don’t know, you just have to figure it out. It’s hard for the young guys.”

But Rodgers was having none of it and ripped the article as “complete horseshit.”

Rodgers said, “I was made aware of that article, it is by far the dumbest nothing-burger article that I’ve read in the entire season. I won’t say in my career because I mean last year there were some of the dumbest articles you’d possibly imagine.”

McAfee brought up these allegations that Rodgers’ teammates didn’t know what the signals meant, saying, “Is every word in that article bullshit?”

Rodgers replied, “95% of the article is absolute complete horseshit, the other five percent is exaggerated nothingness that I don’t know like having guys you know, go through the signals each week and understand what the possible signals could be, so the way we’re doing it now is that Jordan makes up a list of the signals that we’re going to have that week that are possible and then he calls three or four guys up there to go through it and it might be nerve-racking but every signal used in the game is probably used in practice that week.”

In the end, the unfortunate fact is Rodgers has failed to establish good relationships with his young receivers and that has hurt the team’s prospects in 2022.

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