ESPN alienated millions of viewers with its far-left political bias.

One name at ESPN defined this dramatic change in priorities.

And now this ESPN host said something terrible about Ted Cruz and his family.

ESPN turned over the flagship SportsCenter program to Jemele Hill and Michael Smith in 2017.

Smith and Hill immediately morphed SportsCenter from a highlight show to a platform for a couple of social justice warriors to spout off uninformed left-wing political views.

ESPN finally had enough and Hill left the network to become a political commentator for The Atlantic shortly after she called Donald Trump a white supremacist.

So it didn’t surprise anyone that Hill joined the media feeding frenzy for the fake scandal surrounding Ted Cruz taking his girls to Mexico on Wednesday.

Cruz’s home state of Texas suffered catastrophic loss of power as the state’s power grid failed in an ice storm.

Cruz and his fellow Senator John Cornyn requested an emergency disaster declaration from the President, which is about all a Senator can do in that spot.

But the media dog-piled on Cruz for his “bad optics” while ignoring the fact that New York’s Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo is under FBI investigation for covering up the true number of Coronavirus deaths in nursing homes.

Hill happily attacked Cruz and his family for trying to get out of a freezing home for a couple of days.

When ESPN began losing subscribers by the millions, Jemele Hill was the face of the worldwide leader in sports’ turn to political punditry.

Absurd comments like the ones attacking Cruz cost ESPN millions of dollars in lost subscriber fees.

And the network has yet to recover.

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