The Left has made disrespecting America a trend in sports.

Anthem kneelers have destroyed sports for millions of Americans.

But a former NFL player just went on Fox News and destroyed an anti-American Olympian.

Athletes competing in the Olympics are meant to represent their nation on the world stage.

It is assumed that those athletes would show respect to their national anthem when competing.

But during the U.S. Olympic trials over the weekend, hammer thrower Gwen Berry chose to turn her back to the American flag when the national anthem was being played.

Berry also draped a t-shirt above her head, which bore the words “activist athlete.”

This isn’t the first time she has done something similar.

During the 2019 Pan American Olympic Games in Lima, Peru, she chose to kneel during the national anthem while on the medal stand.

That disrespectful act earned her a 12-month probation from the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee.

After Berry performed her latest anti-American stunt, she claimed she was “set up,” and that she didn’t want to be on the stand during the national anthem at all.

“The intent was we would be introduced to the crowd either before or after the singing of the national anthem,” said Berry. “If we had the option, or if I knew that I was going to be on the podium, I would have chosen something else.”

Berry claims that she doesn’t hate her country, but that the national anthem doesn’t represent her, or her “people.”

“I never said that I hated the country, never said that,” she said. “All I said was I respect my people enough to not stand or acknowledge something that disrespects them. I love my people point blank, period.”

But when former NFL player Jack Brewer, who himself is black, spoke to Fox News host Brian Kilmeade, he blasted Berry for her “garbage” behavior.

He adds that Berry should be punished for her actions.

“Her uniform says ‘America,’” Brewer said. “She’s representing America, and the U.S. Olympic (and Paralympic) Committee needs to do something about this garbage. But what really saddens me is that we have a culture – and it’s growing – a culture of people who disrespect our nation, disrespect our flag and disrespect our anthem. It shouldn’t be allowed.”

U.S. Olympians should show respect for the country they are competing on behalf of.

If they hate their country, perhaps they shouldn’t be allowed to represent it at the Olympics.

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