Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow is making a comeback.

Not everyone is happy about this news.

And a Fox host said three words about Tim Tebow’s comeback that will make your blood boil.

Tim Tebow washed out of the NFL after trying to make a go of it as a quarterback with the Denver Broncos and the New York Jets.

Tebow tried his hand at Major League Baseball and retired after five respectable seasons with the Mets.

But now Tebow is making a comeback in the NFL after his old coach at the University of Florida Urban Meyer took over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Meyer invited Tebow to try and make the team as a tight end.

This news enraged Rob Parker, co-host of the Fox Sports radio show “The Odd Couple”.

Parker slammed Tebow’s attempted NFL comeback as the “ultimate white privilege.”

“It’s the ultimate white privilege.” Parker. “This guy has failed in the NFL, he can’t play. I know he played for [Jaguars head coach] Urban Meyer in college, I get that, but so have a lot of other people.”

While Tebow was not a good quarterback overall in his last NFL run, he did lead the Broncos to a memorable playoff victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers, and is willing to change positions to make the Jaguars.

Tebow’s earnestness did not impress Parker who slammed Tebow as a “loser.”

“I have nothing against his religious beliefs; he’s a devout Christian, that’s all great and nice. I have no issues with that. He’s NO GOOD. How ’bout that? Why do people keep giving this guy chances when he doesn’t deserve it?” Parker added. “Tim Tebow is a FAILURE on the pro level! Tim Tebow is a LOSER.”

This is not the first time Parker used racially incendiary language to attack a quarterback.

When at ESPN, Parker once attacked Washington Redskins signal caller Robert Griffin III for being a “cornball” because Parker thought he was a Republican and the fact that his wife was white.

Parker’s co-host Chris Broussard was not having any of it.

“Stop it. This takes away from when there’s real racism. Stop it. This is foolishness. There is real white privilege, and this isn’t it,” Broussard ranted.

Broussard pointed out that Tebow was getting this shot only because Urban Meyer – who coached Tebow to the 2007 Heisman Trophy and 2006 and 2008 national championships – is coaching the Jaguars.

Broussard added that Tebow is not benefiting from white privilege, saying, “Tim Tebow didn’t get that tryout because he’s white, he got the tryout because he has a great relationship with Urban Meyer.”

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