It’s getting crazy out there in high school and collegiate athletics.

Poor girls don’t stand a chance as the guys who think they’re chicks just rack up win after win but now it’s starting to get violent.

And a guy was caught on camera assaulting a female high school volleyball player in the middle of a match.

No one is really sure if it’s government-enforced COVID lockdowns or what, but something is causing people to lose every last sense they have.

If you would have asked yourself back in 2012 that one of the biggest issues society would face in ten years was whether a dude with a nut tuck could play in girls’ sports, you would have laughed out loud.

Only idiots and weirdos would support that.

Well, ten years later, here we are.

We had a dude dominate women’s college swimming this year.

A dude named Lia Thomas started wrecking girls in the pool and even ended up being one of the finalists for women of the year by ESPN.

Now the madness is infecting high school sports.

And this time a girl got brutally hurt.

During a volleyball match in North Carolina earlier last month, a tranny spiked a ball so hard off of a girl’s face that the girl suffered head and neck injuries and had to go seek medical treatment.

In the end, the game was forfeited for safety concerns for having a guy playing in a girls’ match.

But then the dude who thinks he is a girl had the balls to post the video in a highlight reel.

That video has since been taken down but the damage was still done.

We have mentally deranged guys who are starting to cause physical harm in girls’ sports.

It’s time for the dads of these girls to find their set of balls and make schools get these boys off the playing fields against their daughters.

This madness needs to stop and it won’t as long as dads can’t find their own pair.

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