College football has been filled with some incredible stories over the years.

But this story beats them all.

A homeless man got caught disguising as a USC football player after spending days living as a part of the team.

College football is one of the bedrock sports of American culture.

And over the decades of college football, we can all name some stories or memories of triumph and sorrow.

Just think of the classic stories like Rudy at Notre Dame.

The kid went from barely a walk-on practice squad player to the first player ever carried off the field in victory at one of the best football programs in the nation.

Or how about when SMU went from the best to non-existent with the NCAA death penalty.

In 1987, after years of obvious and blatant cheating, the NCAA suspended the SMU Football Program indefinitely.

But this current story is a doozy.

To cut to the chase, a homeless man straight up walked into the USC football practice facilities and blended in with the other players for days.

For a handful of days of being unidentified, the homeless man was living the dream as a part of the team.

According to reports, he ate and watched film with the team.

He even shared a Jacuzzi tub with players and slept in a luxury suite in their home stadium, the Coliseum.

But the homeless man’s run came to an end one day only after he failed to field punts at practice.

Once the coaching staff realized by his poor play that he wasn’t a player they called campus security.

The poor dude had everyone fooled and almost got away with being one of the team.

If only he could have fielded a punt maybe he would still be with the USC football team and maybe even find a slot on their roster.

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