We always hear about National Football League players doing good things on the field.

Though more often it seems we hear about them doing bad things off the field.

But now a household name in the NFL is making the news today for being a true hero and saving lives.

Being an NFL player comes with a level of exposure and press attention that the average person couldn’t even dream of.

Especially if you are a starter – odds are you’ll be on ESPN or some other sports channel for either doing something good or bad during the game.

But we’ve also seen story after story of NFL players just making awful choices off the field.

There’s a reason why there are so many felons in the NFL.

The average player just can’t seem to make good choices when they’re not on the gridiron.

That’s what makes this story so special.

You never hear about players doing good things off the field.

But quarterback Blaine Gabbert for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is making headlines today for the lives that he saved.

Last week a family was taking a tour of the scenic Tampa Bay area beaches from a helicopter when all of a sudden the helicopter started to malfunction.

The pilot was able to pull off a safe water landing, but time was short to get the family and the pilot to safety.

Thankfully, Blaine Gabbert lives right off the coast from where the helicopter crash landed.

And thankfully for those on board, Gabbert was one of the first people to respond to the crash with his jet ski.

And Gabbert, along with others, successfully helped the family and pilot make it back to shore safely.

We need more stories like this in the NFL.

And fewer stories about drug deals and wife beating and more stories about lives being saved by NFL players.

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