The controversial 2021 Major League Baseball season took another odd turn.

Baseball’s attempts to appease the woke mob landed it in hot water again.

And a Major League Baseball team could face a big lawsuit because of what this video captured.

A social media mob formed on Sunday and was ready to destroy a fan of the Colorado Rockies.

Huffington Post editor Philip Lewis kicked off the latest cycle of Internet outrage, tweeting a clip from the ninth inning of the Colorado Rockies 13 to 8 win over the Miami Marlins where Lewis claimed a fan yelled the “n-word” multiple times at the Marlins’ Lewis Brinson.

Sports media figures quickly reacted in outrage demanding an investigation and one columnist even called for police to arrest the man.

The Colorado Rockies quickly released a statement condemning the man – and their fan base – as racists who shout slurs in public.

But this turned out to be another Covington Catholic situation where the woke outrage mob shot first and aimed later because they heard what they wanted to hear.

Video footage clearly showed the man trying to get the attention of the Colorado Rockies team mascot nicknamed “Dinger” because he wanted to get a picture of the mascot with his grandchild.

The man looks in the direction of Dinger and waves while shouting the mascot’s name.

The initial video footage should have set alarm bells that the idea he was yelling the “n-word” was false.

No one in the crowd reacted.

No one on the field reacted despite the man sitting just a few rows away from the field.

If someone shouted racial slurs at the top of their lungs in public, no one would carry on like it never happened.

The Rockies later announced an investigation that confirmed the man shouted “Dinger,” but the damage was done.

By trying to head off a woke social media mob, the Rockies released a statement branding the man as a racist.

Now they could face a lawsuit.

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