This offseason could hardly have gone worse for Major League Baseball.

The sport was hit with multiple sexual misconduct crises.

And now this team’s manager’s son blew the whistle on a major sex scandal involving the team.

The Athletic released a bombshell report about former New York Mets manager and Cleveland Indians pitching coach Mickey Callaway.

In the story, reporters reveal how five women stated that Callaway made inappropriate comments or asked them for lewd pictures and sent such pictures to the women in return.

But the crux of the story revolved around Callaway carrying on an extramarital affair with a fan’s wife.

The fan repeatedly called the club’s fan services department to complain.

Indians President Chris Antonetti said the team never received any complaints that Callaway committed any acts of sexual misconduct.

“There had never been any complaints against Mickey in his time with us, either to me, or to our human resources department or other leaders,” Antonetti told the press.

That comment was contradicted by Nick Francona, the son of manager Terry Francona.

In his statement, Nick Francona said he confronted Antonetti and his father about Callaway when the Mets hired Callaway to be their manager in 2017 and demanded to know why they recommended him to the Mets.

Nick Francona also called his father a liar for claiming he did not know about the allegations.

For his part, Terry Francona did not want to discuss the rift with his son.

“Right now is just not the right time to respond to some of the questions I’m sure you have,” Francona said.

Francona apologized and made it clear no one in the Indians organization was trying to cover anything up.

But until the Indians come forward with more thorough answers, this scandal will hang over the team.

Sports with Balls will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.