Many Americans have had enough of LeBron James’ anti-police antics.

That includes members of law enforcement.

So a police officer made a video mocking LeBron James. What happened next will enrage you.

Last month, a Columbus police officer shot and killed 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant just before Byrant delivered a death blow with a knife to another girl.

Instead of understanding the difficult situation the officer was in or even acknowledging that his actions saved another life, LeBron James targeted the cop for harassment and potential violence by posting a picture of the officer on social media with the caption “You’re next!”

Bellevue, Idaho Deputy Marshall Nate Sylvester posted a hilarious video online mocking James that went viral.

In order to appease the woke outrage mob, the police department suspended Sylvester.

Now Bellevue Mayor Frank Burns posted on Facebook that the department fired Deputy Marshal Sylvester.

“During the week of May 20th, while on shift Deputy Marshal Silvester violated several clearly established City of Bellevue and State of Idaho Policing policies. After his previous policy violations Deputy Marshal Silvester was placed on probation and was on, what is called, a “last chance agreement” with his superior officers. Because of his continued policy violations, the Marshal has terminated Mr. Sylvester effective May 27th, 2021,” Burns began.

Burns claimed Sylvester’s firing was the result of some unnamed policy violation.

“The policy violations have nothing to do with the tone or the tenor of his speech that he posts online. He was not terminated for the content of his speech; he was terminated for his failure to follow clearly laid out and well established policy,” Burns added.

But to most observers it looks like making fun of LeBron James’ anti-police lunacy was the real policy violation that got Sylvester fired.

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