The NFL cannot escape the clutches of political movements.

Fans are wondering when this madness will end.

And now one political protest is about to ruin this NFL franchise.

This past season, the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs banned fans from wearing Indian headdresses and face paint at Arrowhead Stadium.

The Chiefs bowed to the forces of political correctness just like the Washington Redskins did in dropping their team name.

But the gesture did not appease the social justice warriors who demanded complete capitulation.

Gaylene Crouser, executive director of the Kansas City Indian Center ranted that the team was still “racist” because fans still performed the Tomahawk chop chant during the games.

“They think that that somehow helps, and they are still playing that ridiculous Hollywood Indian song, which is such a stereotypical Indian song from like old Cowboy movies or something. I don’t know how they feel that that made any difference at all,” Crouser ranted. “And it’s not like their fans are doing it any different either.”

Chiefs president Mark Donovan claimed that “We’re going to continue to have those discussions. We’re going to continue to make changes going forward, and hopefully changes that do what we hope, which is respect and honor Native American heritage while celebrating the fan experience.”

But the activists don’t want a dialogue.

They want a lecture where they dictate society’s terms of surrender to their radical identity politics agenda.

Outside of the Super Bowl, leftist protesters argued with fans, condemning them as “white colonizers.”

Florida Indigenous Rights and Environmental Equality co-founder Alicia Norris fumed that not only did the Tomahawk Chop need to go, but the Chiefs nickname as well.

“Now the team wants to backtrack and say we are being culturally appropriate and we are being respectful of indigenous people by saying no headdresses,” Norris ranted. “And that is a good start, but the fans are still operating as if it is an indigenous-type atmosphere because you are still called the Chiefs. And you can still do this movement that looks like a tomahawk chop, but we are going to call it a drum beat instead. It is kind of silly. Just change it.”

Polls showed just ten percent of Native Americans were offended by the “Redskins” nickname.

The Chiefs team name would likely register even lower levels of opposition.

But left-wing activists want to turn pro sports into social justice messaging apparatuses for the Democrat Party.

And forcing the Chiefs to conform to their catechisms of identity politics is part of that drive.

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