Pro sports get more political by the day.

It’s alienating many fans.

And this pro hockey team fired their coach over what he said about Donald Trump.

The Toronto Maple Leafs fired their minor league goaltending coach Dusty Imoo because he liked pro-Trump tweets, including tweets from January 6 where Imoo supported the idea that Democrats stole the election from Donald Trump and criticizing Vice President Mike Pence for accepting the Electoral College vote count.

Imoo also liked tweets opposing mandatory coronavirus vaccination.

The Leafs fired Imoo when they became aware that Imoo deviated from liberal orthodoxy.

“Dusty Imoo will not be joining the Toronto Marlies,” the team told the paper. “We made a mistake not thoroughly following our organizational protocols when considering this candidate for the position.”

The Leafs added that they were so committed to fostering an inclusive environment that they could not employ anyone that held views liberals find uncomfortable.

“Imoo’s activity was indeed a bad look for the club,” The Sun added, “who under Shanahan and general manager Kyle Dubas have championed an inclusive environment around the Leafs, with women in prominent player-development positions, multicultural initiatives, and support for gays in hockey and other sports.”

Pro sports is turning into another left-wing institution like Hollywood.

In Hollywood, many conservatives – especially those who work on the crews and can’t fall back on their celebrity status – hide their views out of fear the industry will blackball them.

The National Hockey League is already there.

This past January, the New York Rangers released defenseman Tony DeAngelo because of DeAngelo’s support for Donald Trump.

The Rangers waiving DeAngelo and the Maple Leafs firing Imoo based solely on their support for Donald Trump established the NHL as a “no Republicans wanted” league.

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