One of the baddest sports in the world is bull riding as the risk level in manhandling a raging bull is quite high.

And rodeos are usually fun to go to as fans get to watch these raging bulls from a close but safe distance.

But recently, a rodeo bull hurdled a fence and all hell broke loose in the stands.

In a world filled with soccer, tennis, and golf, our society needs more manly sports and it shows.

We literally live in a society that can’t define and tell the difference between a man or a woman.

To solve this growing issue of the loss of masculinity, we need less tennis rackets and soccer balls and more raging bull riding.

Try to find a sport more manly than the sport where guys ride pissed off beasts with their balls tied together to add to the rage as they ride with nothing more than a rope and a cowboy hat.

Even the best athletes in other major sports suck at bull riding because they aren’t bat crap crazy like your average bull rider.

But usually fans at bull riding competitions are safe from the danger.

Well, some fans at a recent rodeo learned the hard way that they are just one raging, balls-tied bull jump away from seeing their life flash before their eyes.

Families were having a good night at their local rodeo in Northern California.

But like everything else in California, their night ended up sucking more than they ever could have imagined.

In the middle of the event, a bull leaped out of the rodeo and right into the crowd.

You just have to see the video to believe it.

As a result, six people were injured.

One teen who was gored in the buttocks stated, “Getting hit by a bull was an experience. To be honest I didn’t feel it at the time because my adrenaline was pumping and I had to make split-second decisions.”

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