Scandal and college sports unfortunately go hand in hand.

Now two of the biggest names in college football may be brought down.

And this secret audio tape has all hell breaking loose for these two college football powerhouses.

Alabama has won six national championships under head coach Nick Saban since 2009.

Their run of dominance is unprecedented in college football history.

Georgia is one of Alabama’s biggest rivals in the Southeastern Conference and a perennial top team as head coach Kirby Smart hauls in top recruiting classes year after year.

But now both schools are facing scrutiny after a YouTube video surfaced where notoriously shady Valdosta High School football coach Rush Propst was recorded discussing how Georgia and Alabama allegedly violate NCAA rules by paying recruits to sign with them. reports that “first, it allegedly shows Propst talking to Nelson — or someone — about Kirby Smart and Georgia’s recruiting practices. He talks about the Bulldogs having a ‘handler,’ and even cites former star running back Nick Chubb returning as an example of a player who received illegal payments.”

In another clip, Propst describes how Nick Saban’s alleged benefactor is Paul Bear Byrant, Jr. – the son of legendary Alabama coach Paul “Bear” Bryant – who Propst claims set up a slush fund in the 1960s and 70s to pay Alabama players in violation of NCAA rules.

“The second clip is Propst allegedly talking about Nick Saban answering to only one person, Paul Bryant Jr. Propst talks about money funds from down in Mobile that were set up by Paul ‘Bear’ Bryant back in the 60s or 70s, and claims that’s how Alabama handles all their recruiting,” concluded.

The NCAA has a history of letting the big programs skate while punishing mid level programs with devastating sanctions when they get caught breaking the NCAA’s rules.

But Propst’s allegations are on tape and they cannot be denied.

It now remains to be seen how the NCAA will pursue these claims of Alabama and Georgia providing illegal benefits to their players.

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