During a recent matchup between two long-time NFL rivals, things got a little out-of-control.

No one could believe what they were watching.

And this star quarterback said four words that left one team’s fan base devastated.

Trash talking in sports is an art form.

When trash talk is done right by the best in the game, it leaves opponents and their fans in silence as there is no comeback.

The Chicago Bears and their fans learned that lesson the hard way on Sunday.

Late in the fourth quarter, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers scored on a seven-yard touchdown run to put the Packers up 24-14 and ice the win.

After scoring, Rodgers ran up to the first row of the stands at Soldier Field and shouted “I still own you!” at the Bears fans.

It was one of the most epic put downs ever caught on camera.

Rodgers’ line landed so hard because it’s true.

Ever since Rodgers took over as the Packers starting quarterback in the 2008 season, Rodgers owns a 22 and 5 record against the Bears.

The most important of those wins was the Packers 2010 NFC Title Game victory in Soldier Field on their way to Rodgers’ only Super Bowl championship.

The Packers are trading Rodgers after this season, so the December 12 matchup is the Bears last chance for any payback against their longtime tormentor.

But if Rodgers’ actions on Sunday are any indication, Rodgers is fully aware of his record against the Bears and fully enjoys rubbing it in the face of the team and their fans.

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