The NFL preseason is about to start and the regular season is just around the corner.

And already all hell is breaking loose.

That’s because a star quarterback’s injury just upset everything this team had planned.

The Philadelphia Eagles finally cut bait with often-injured starting quarterback Carson Wentz, trading the former number two overall draft pick to the Indianapolis Colts.

If Wentz played at least 75 percent of the Colts snaps this year, the 2022 second round pick the Eagles received from the trade would convert to a first round pick.

That appears like it will not happen as Wentz suffered a foot injury that will keep him out for one to three months.

This injury could have a cascading effect on the league.

The Green Bay Packers brought back future hall of fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers for one more season with the promise to trade him in 2022.

Philadelphia already owns two first round draft picks in the 2022 draft.

Had the Colts’ second round pick from the Wentz trade bumped up to a first round pick, the Eagles would have owned three first round picks – which would have provided the draft capital that could have landed them as the favorite to trade for Rodgers.

The Eagles are going with untested 2020 second round pick Jaylen Hurts as quarterback.

Based on his college career at Alabama and Oklahoma, and the early flashes from his NFL starts, Hurts looks like a stopgap solution at the quarterback position.

Multiple teams will jump in on the Aaron Rodgers sweepstakes next offseason.

The Eagles will likely be one of those teams.

And Philadelphia could have gained the upper hand if they had three first round picks next year.

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