For whatever reason, some people often feel like it’s a good idea to try to streak across the field during a large sporting event.

Of course, they rarely, if ever, succeed in getting away with it, and ultimately just end up looking dumb while stopping the actual game everyone actually paid to see.

But every once in a while a streaker gets hit with a good dose of karma, and that’s exactly what happened when this streaker tried to interrupt a recent MLB game.

On Sunday afternoon, fans at Dodger Stadium were enjoying a beautiful summer day in L.A., as their beloved Dodgers were rather handily beating their crosstown rivals, the Angels, 6-1.

Not to mention the fact that one of the Dodgers’ newest acquisitions, former Angel Albert Pujols — whose former team is paying him $30 million to not be on their team — apparently discovered how to time travel back to 2015 and proceeded to hit two home runs in the game.

Everything seemed to be going the home team’s way, and there didn’t appear to be anything that could put a wrench in the day.

That was until some moron, who was almost assuredly way past the legal Blood Alcohol Concentration limit and likely one of those guys who thought eating bath salts was a good idea, decided to hop the fence and streak across the field.

Now, obviously, 99.999% of all streakers are eventually taken out by security.

They may be able to run around like a chicken with their head cut off for a short amount of time, but eventually, enough security guards hit the field and there’s nowhere left to run.

But this streaker was somehow able to evade security like he was Pablo Escobar circa 1992.

That was until he ran up against a foe that he stood no chance against – the Dodgers ball girl.

If the Dodgers don’t do anything else this season, they need to give this ball girl a raise.

She was able to accomplish in one move what a dozen security guards were completely incapable of doing.

With takedown skills like that, Vince McMahon should be signing her to WWE as we speak.

And what an embarrassment for the streaker.

You thought you were going to run on the field, hold up the game, and get away with it, and a ball girl dropped you like a bad habit.

Talk about never being able to show your face in public ever again – you can never live this one down.

But above all else, we all get the immense pleasure of watching this idiot get smoked by a ball girl over and over again thanks to the fact that the Internet is forever.

That’s a good dose of karma if there’s ever been one.

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