For the last three years, one of the big questions hanging over the NFL was whether or not a team would sign Colin Kaepernick.

After the Black Lives Matter riots following the death of George Floyd, many outlets reported the NFL was about to welcome Kaepernick back into the fold.

And now a surprising truth emerged about an NFL team signing Colin Kaepernick.

The NFL was quick to bend the knee to the radical Black Lives Matter movement.

Commissioner Roger Goodell filmed a hostage video where he apologized for not supporting the anti-American National Anthem protests.

The league announced it would play a song referred to as the “black national anthem” before all Week One contests.

Players are now allowed to wear the names of black Americans killed by the police on their helmets and the NFL is painting Black Lives Matter slogans in the end zones for this season.

But for some, the league still falls short.

To many Black Lives Matter agitators, signing Colin Kaepernick is the only way to truly pay reparations.

After the George Floyd riots it appeared there was momentum toward some team signing Kaepernick to a contract.

However, according to the left-wing football blog ProFootballTalk, that was all a mirage.

At the end of the day Kaepernick just isn’t good enough to earn a job in the league.

Few remember now, but Kaepernick lost his job to Blaine Gabbert, one of the bigger draft busts of the last decade.

Kaepernick did not excel as a quarterback and could not win a starting job in the league against an unproven upstart.

Bringing Kaepernick into a team’s quarterback room also means bringing along instant questions about when he would play.

Teams don’t want fans or media to know the backup quarterback exists because of the potential for a controversy that divides the fan base and locker room.

A team signing Colin Kaepernick invites all of the negatives with none of the positives.

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