Football’s been gone since the Super Bowl in February.

After all the draft and free agency talk, fans are looking forward to games.

And a wild brawl video from the stands of an NFL game told everyone football season is back.

The Los Angeles Chargers and Rams share SoFi Stadium.

Their fans also share a mutual loathing.

And a wild video from the stands of the Rams and Chargers preseason game showed an all-out brawl where a mob of Chargers fans pummeled a Rams fan who had words for the group of Chargers fans.

This fight began with trash talking and quickly escalated.

The Chargers fans left the Rams fan shirtless and bloodied once stadium security broke up the altercation

The Chargers-Rams preseason game was the first football game in LA with fans since 2019.

It didn’t take long for fireworks to erupt in the stands.

The Chargers ended up winning 13 to 6 in a meaningless preseason game that was the first look for both teams this season.

It tells fans something about how useless NFL preseason games is that a fight video from the stands is the biggest headline grabber coming out of the game.

This year the NFL cut back to three preseason games after expanding the regular season to 17 games.

Most fans wish the league would eliminate the exhibition games entirely, especially since teams require season ticket holders to purchase tickets to preseason games.

That won’t happen anytime soon, unfortunately.

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