As every sports fan knows, the NFL has made plenty of decisions over the years that they should be held accountable for.

But one thing you can’t say that they don’t do well is protect the league over anything else.

Which is why it’s utterly ridiculous that a woman who accused an NFL player of sexual misconduct is claiming the league “failed” her for this reason.

As everyone knows, one of the biggest storylines of this past NFL offseason was the sexual misconduct allegations against Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson.

In total, 22 women have come forward to accuse Watson of behaving inappropriately during massage sessions.

And as they always do anytime a player is accused of literally anything, the league has been investigating the accusations against Watson as diligently as any law enforcement agency in the world possibly could.

However, one of the women who has accused Watson of sexual misconduct isn’t happy with the way the league’s investigation has played out.

In fact, according to her, the league has “failed” her for practicing due process and not ending Watson’s career without thoroughly investigating the legitimacy of the claims.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Lauren Baxley expressed her displeasure in the way the NFL’s investigators questioned her story, essentially implying that they should have just believed her no matter what.

“My forensic interview [with HPD] was very respectful and trauma-informed,” Baxley said. “They let me speak uninterrupted, whereas with Lisa Friel and the [other NFL investigator], they would cut me off, they would question things, they would circle back.”

“They were trying to trip me up,” she continued. “They didn’t, but they were really looking for the weaknesses that they thought they could exploit.”

In addition to those claims, Baxley also feels as though the league “failed” her and the other accusers by not immediately ending Watson’s career without all of the facts.

“The NFL recently made it clear that they were taking a stand against women and survivors of sexual assault when they stated that Watson would be able to participate in team activities without restrictions, despite the dozens of women whose experiences and testimony prove a pattern of mental and sexual abuse,” Baxley claimed.

“Watson deserves a fair day in court,” she continued. “But the NFL and Roger Goodell have failed me. And they have failed the other women by choosing inaction.”

It’s important to note that the NFL has always allowed the subjects of investigations – in this case, Deshaun Watson – to take part in training camp while the league investigates the matter at hand.

Just like every other American, Watson is entitled to due process, and the NFL has a right and obligation to look into all of the facts before making any decisions.

Furthermore, does anyone on planet Earth honestly believe that if the NFL had even the slightest inkling that Watson was guilty of everything he’s been accused of that they wouldn’t have already suspended him to protect their own hide?

Honestly, if the NFL has done anything since their founding, it’s been to take action to protect the league at all costs, and everyone else be damned.

Let’s also not forget that according to the entire sports media and pretty much every black athlete, the league is racist.

So why would they be protecting a black quarterback – the exact type of person the league supposedly hates and doesn’t want to succeed – against accusations by twenty-two (22!) women if there wasn’t some reason to believe the stories might not all add up?

It’s utterly insane to believe that the NFL, of all organizations in the world, wouldn’t gladly sacrifice Deshaun Watson immediately to protect themselves.

If it’s somehow proven that Watson is definitely guilty after the league supposedly protected him and allowed him to continue participating in team activities, that’s going to cost the league a ton.

There would be lawsuits and negative media coverage and all sorts of other blowback that would undoubtedly hurt the league.

Not to mention the fact that after other situations in the past – like the Ray Rice ordeal – it’s entirely possible that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell would be on the chopping block if it’s proven Watson is guilty and the league protected him.

Does anyone honestly think Roger Goodell is going to risk his $40 MILLION per year salary for Deshaun Watson?

There is plenty of insanity in the world right now, but this may take the cake.

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