Most of us go to a baseball game to watch the action on the field.

But some fans got more than they bargained for at a recent Arkansas Razorbacks game.

And all hell broke loose after an Arkansas man caught a wild animal in the stands.

Most of us watch sports for two reasons.

First, for many men, is to get away from their wives and the “honey do” list . . .

And the second reason is to be entertained by the action taking place on the field.

But rarely is the entertainment at a sporting event in the stands.

Well damn if fans at a recent Arkansas Razorbacks baseball game got more entertainment than they paid for from action in the stands.

While in Arkansas, you should be on your toes and be ready for whatever wildlife mother nature tosses your way.

And for these Razorback fans, the surprise from mother nature was a raccoon.

When one fan decided to grab the raccoon, all hell broke loose.

Just look at how the lady in the white shirt lost her soul when the raccoon appeared.

The Arkansas man named Grant who was manhandling the furry visitor was literally showing the whole escapade in real-time on Facebook Live.

What is more Arkansas than this whole situation?

A racoon is stuck in the stands at a baseball game.

Rather than waiting for animal control, Captain Arkansas just manhandled the ravaging raccoon.

He then proceeds to livestream his triumph over the raccoon.

Then he proceeds to carry his new furry friend around the stands and shows it off like a trophy he just won.

And in the end, Captain Arkansas even changed his profile picture to include the raccoon.

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