Donald Trump made his big comeback on Sunday at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

The latest controversy in the world of athletics was on the menu.

And all hell broke loose when Donald Trump made this comment about women’s sports.

During his speech to the crowd at CPAC, Trump attacked Democrats for passing the controversial homosexual special rights legislation, which would – among other things – allow biological males to compete in women’s sports.

Trump warned that this bill would ruin opportunities for girls to play sports as they would be forced to compete against men.

“A lot of new records are being broken in women’s sports — I hate to say that ladies, but a lot of new records that big [are] being shattered. For years the weightlifting — every ounce is like a big deal for many years — all of a sudden somebody comes along and beats it by 100 pounds. Now younger girls and women are incensed that they are now being forced to compete against those who are biological males. It’s not good for women’s sports which worked so long and so hard to get to where they are. The records that stood for years, even decades, are now being smashed. If this is not changed, women’s sports, as we know, will die, they’ll end,” Trump stated.

Trump explained that coaches – who are hired and fired based on their win-loss records – would stop recruiting women and start bringing in biological males to play women’s sports because of their advantages in speed and strength.

“What coach . . . wants to recruit a young woman to compete if her record can easily be broken by somebody who was born a man? Not too many of those coaches around? Right yeah, they are around but they won’t be around long because they’re gonna have a problem when their record is what 0-16, but we’re getting better! I think it’s crazy, I think it’s just crazy what’s happening. We must protect the integrity of women’s sports, so important,” Trump added.

The fight over women’s sports and allowing men to participate if they claim to “identify” as women has moved well beyond the field of play.

This will be a major cultural flash point that could even help decide the outcome of the 2022 midterm election.

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