Some of the best college football you will ever see takes place in December.

This weekend didn’t disappoint with some of the craziest plays of the year.

But all hell broke loose when this college football team rushed the field in celebration before the game was over.

December is “do or die” time for most college football teams.

Some are trying their best to not have a losing record to make a bowl game.

While others are competing to be a contender for the national championship.

And this weekend didn’t disappoint with some of the best teams in the nation playing their best football of the season.

Just look at how UNC put up over 750 total yards on the tenth ranked Miami Hurricanes.

But UNC’s explosive offensive that put up video game numbers wasn’t the craziest thing to happen over the weekend.

That title goes to the ending of the unlikely Western Michigan vs. Ball State game.

With just seconds left of the game and down by a score, Western Michigan had the ball at mid field and tried to do a rugby style play to win the game.

In the middle of the desperate laterals, a Western Michigan player fumbled the ball and was picked up and the play continued by a teammate.

But in that instant Ball State thought they won the game and stormed the field all while the play was still going on as the refs never called the play dead.

And in the end Western Michigan scored a touchdown in the chaos but it was called back due to a controversial forward pass.

You have to see this play:

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