Two of the best things about college football are the famous rivalries and the tailgate food.

But a hole has been in many college football fans’ hearts as the rivalry game that included a Golden Rib Trophy was missing over the past couple years.

Well, all is well again with college football as the Golden Rib Trophy is back in the new American Conference.

We can all probably name some of college football’s most notable rivalries.

On that list has to be the Army-Navy game, which has its own week dedicated to the game after championship week.

And a few rivalry games beat the Iron Bowl between Alabama and Auburn.

And besides the rivalries, college tailgating is second to none.

Nothing says college football pre-game action like cookouts, beer, and drunk ass sorority girls.

But when you combine the best of rivalries and tailgating, you get the Battle of the Bones game between University of Alabama Birmingham and Memphis.

And even though the rivalry hasn’t been around since 2012, the game is by far one of the best rivalries just by its trophy that’s a big ol’ full rack of ribs.

But now the classic rivalry is coming back for the first time in a decade as UAB is planning to join Memphis in the American Conference.

The two teams might suck but the rack of ribs as a trophy is by far a site to see.

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