“Woke” sportswriters were popping champagne corks.

After months of pressuring University Presidents to shut down college football because they thought it would hurt Donald Trump’s re-election chances, the Fake News Media were about to get their wish.

Americans thought the 2020 College Football would be canceled. And then this happened.

On Tuesday, the Big 10 and Pac 10 announced they were canceling the 2020 season for their conferences.

Sports Illustrated reported, “In what was clearly coordinated timing, the Big Ten made its momentous announcement at 3 p.m. ET, with the Pac-12 expected to make an official announcement shortly thereafter. The Big Ten cited medical concerns related to trying to conduct fall sports amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and specifically referred to recent data regarding heart issues suffered by some young people (including athletes) who were infected with the virus.”

The Big 10 and Pac 10 league commissioners fell for the panic porn spread by the Fake News Media and canceled the season, despite all available scientific evidence showing that young people face a very small risk of serious or bad outcomes from coronavirus.

That led sports reporters to focus on the Big 12.

If the Big 12 canceled it would put enormous pressure on the SEC and ACC – the two remaining holdouts – from the “Power 5” conferences to also fold their tent.

But the 2020 college football season received some good news when University Presidents from the Big 12 decided to move ahead with the 2020 season.

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