As ESPN continues to go more “woke” it continues to lose subscribers.

This latest on-air outburst won’t help matters.

That’s because an ESPN host crossed the line with this insanely racist statement.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith is known as “Screaming” A. Smith for his rants.

Smith’s boisterous persona made him a star at ESPN where he is now a focal point of ESPN’s programming.

But Smith lost control and went too far with his latest rant.

When Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stephens resigned to take a promotion as the head of basketball operations, Smith lost it.

Smith ranted and raved that Stephens taking this promotion after the Celtics lost in the first round of the playoffs was white privilege in action.

“It’s moments like this where I get on people’s nerves — particularly, white America and in the NBA community specifically, because I point out it’s beautiful to be a white guy,” Smith ranted.

Smith claimed Stephens – who took underdog Butler to two straight NCAA title games and who racked up a 354-282 W-L record in the NBA – was a “question mark” coach.

“You’re a question mark as a coach in some people’s eyes, including in Boston. But somehow, some way, you’re moving upstairs,” Smith ranted. “And the opportunities for African Americans continue to dwindle and dwindle and dwindle.”

Under Stephens, the Celtics recorded a 78-38 playoff record and three trips to the conference finals.

But Boston could never get over the hump as they always seemed one star player away.

Smith made Stephens’ promotion a racial issue, fuming that the league needed to hire more black executives and that Stephens did not deserve his promotion.

“We’re talking about the coach. We’re not even getting into black folks in executive positions. We’ve got one black man with power,” Smith continued. “I’m talking about one dude. And his name is Masai Ujiri in Toronto. We don’t even have in the NBA a black dude that’s in the United States that’s making the final call on basketball-related matters.

“And somehow, someway, Brad Stevens — who I like, who I believe deserves to be a head coach on this level — a shaky season and he’s going upstairs. That’s my reaction to that,” Smith concluded.

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