ESPN is filled with some idiots who try to carry the woke mobs mantle of cancel culture.

But of every idiotic thing pushed on ESPN, this is by far the dumbest thing yet.

And an ESPN host is leading the charge against the Left’s next cancel culture target: Mount Rushmore.

Can we just leave politics where it belongs?

As in, not in sports.

It’s bad enough when you have idiots who are politicians who think they are good at politics and setting public policy.

But nothing is worse than some jughead who can dribble a ball or throw a football and thinks that qualifies them to be a leader in public policy making.

Just think about it.

We have nitwits like LeBron James who says the dumbest things and hates the average American.

And the collection of idiots known as ESPN have some hot takes that even the most deranged leftist doesn’t want to touch.

But even with all the hot takes on the sports broadcasting next work, this has to be a new low.

Jalen Rose used to have a pretty decent NBA and NCAA basketball career, most famous for being a member of Michigan’s “Fab Five.”

But where he has talent in basketball he lacks the brains.

And his lack of intellect has been on full display since joining ESPN where he’s fitting right in.

His latest hot take that would make your local town idiot blush is his idea that we need to cancel Mt. Rushmore.

Rose posted a video on Twitter claiming, “I want to continue to challenge myself and to challenge you to do something. Can we retire using Mt. Rushmore?”

Rose continued, “That should be offensive to all of us, especially Native Americans.”

Looks like the Michigan education is really paying off!

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