Most believe that golf isn’t anything more than a glorified recreational activity.

But few realize just how dangerous a round of golf can be for unsuspecting spectators.

And an ESPN host learned the hard way that watching golf is a dangerous life-threatening event.

You might not believe it, but nursing homes are filled with some very competitive recreational activities.

Get a bunch of old men together and nearly anything can turn into a competition.

Recreational activities like chess, bingo, and even shuffleboard are played daily at nursing homes across the nation.

But golf is also prevalent in nursing homes, which is why it shouldn’t be considered a sport.

If you can play it effectively and collect social security, it isn’t a sport.

But even though golf isn’t a sport, that doesn’t mean it isn’t dangerous.

Having 100 mph rock hard balls flying around while people with slow reflexes meander around makes the golf course a target rich environment for danger.

And ESPN’s Sage Steele learned this the hard way.

While reporting at the PGA Championship last month, Sage was on along the treeline when she got whacked in the face with a golf ball hit off the tee.

Well, after being off of the job for nearly a month, Sage finally made her way back to ESPN and expressed her feelings about taking a ball shot to the face.

Sage stated, “It is amazing how quickly life can change, right? One moment you’re out on a course just innocently watching amazing golfers play at a golf major moment. [Then] you’re on the ground. You’re in pain with your entire life flashing before your eyes, scared to death trying to comprehend what the hell just happened.”

We all know that a golf ball to the face would hurt, but Sage is acting like she was shot at the Championship.

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