Many sports fans are dropping cable and getting rid of ESPN due to the network’s leftward political drift.

But Americans did not know the half of it.

And an ESPN insider came forward with one surprising confession about the network.

Allison Williams worked as a sideline reporter for ESPN’s college football coverage.

Williams made national news when she announced she would not comply with ESPN’s company-wide vaccine mandate on the advice of her doctor.

That led to Williams quitting ESPN ahead of the September 30 deadline to submit to forced vaccination.

In an interview with Megyn Kelly, Williams explained that her doctor initially agreed to provide a medical exemption to ESPN’s company-wide vaccine mandate.

“So, in my conversations with my doctors, I expressed my concerns and he understood them, he supported them,” Williams said in an interview with Megyn Kelly. “He said, ‘absolutely whatever you need from a medical exemption, support-wise we will do for you. I one hundred percent support agree with your decision not to get this vaccine. It’s a very little benefit for someone like you.’”

But Williams claimed her doctor backtracked due to political pressure.

“And they ultimately decided as a clinic that they would not write any exemptions,” Williams continued. “I was heartbroken. I had already started the process of applying for a medical exemption with ESPN and I was told I would be supported.”

ESPN SportsCenter host Sage Steele also publicly opposed getting the vaccine.

But Steele eventually got the vaccine in a painful decision, saying she loved and needed her job.

ESPN is one of many companies across America imposing irrational vaccine mandates on its workforce.

Employees are facing difficult and gut-wrenching decisions about giving up their livelihood or getting a vaccine they may not need or want.

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