In today’s world, nothing will get you “canceled” by the radical Left faster than refusing to cover your face with a flimsy useless piece of cloth.

For the social justice warriors, mask wearing is the closest thing they have to religion, and you better not disobey their demands.

But this one college went absolutely nuclear after one of their most famous alumnus said he will not bow down to their insanity.

Over the years, Gonzaga University has gained a reputation for having an elite basketball program.

Since 1995, Gonzaga has made it to the NCAA tournament 23 times and have played in the Final Four twice.

But what is even more impressive than their tournament history are the elite players they have produced.

Of these elite players, perhaps the most famous and successful is none other than John Stockton.

Stockton played for Gonzaga from 1980-1984 and his credentials are impressive to say the least.

Stockton has not only been inducted into the NCAA and NBA Basketball Hall of Fame but he served as an NBA All-Star ten times, was named to the NBA 50th and 75th anniversary teams, won two Olympic Gold Medals, and had his number retired by both Gonzaga and the Utah Jazz.

Stockton is nothing short of NBA royalty . . . but somebody should tell that to Gonzaga.

Just the other day, Gonzaga announced that they will be revoking Stockon’s season tickets due to his reluctance to obey their extremely strict mask requirements.

Who the hell wants to wear a useless mask for an entire basketball game?

Might as well just watch from home at that point.

Having said that, it is important to remember that Gonzaga is a radical left-wing college located in the deep Blue State of Washington where the concept of personal liberty is completely foreign.

But banning one of the greatest pro basketball players, and the greatest basketball player to come from their school over a mask?

That is just straight up stupid.

This shows just how insane leftists have gotten over their precious masks.

These flimsy cloth masks do little, if anything to protect from diseases like COVID, yet every day you can see these social justice warriors wearing them everywhere they go.

Now, if they wanted to wear all of those masks on their own free will then nobody is stopping them, but like everything the radical Left does, they are forcing everyone else to obey as well.

Let’s hope that Gonzaga reverses this horrible decision, or they may not see Stockton ever return to their arena.

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