The 2021 NFL season kicks off in just a few weeks.

But some in the league just won’t stick to the game on the field.

And an NFL coach took aim at Fox News with this profane rant.

Washington Redskins coach Ron Rivera is one of the most vocal advocates in the league about taking the coronavirus vaccine.

Rivera suffered a bout with cancer and spent the last several weeks complaining that his team had one of the lowest vaccination rates in the league.

In a recent press conference, Rivera blamed that on Fox News and Tucker Carlson.

“And you got some, quite frankly, $%^&ing @$$holes that are putting a bunch of misinformation out there, leading people to die,” Rivera ranted.

Rivera singled out a “specific news agency” – heavily implying it was Fox News – that Rivera believes the government should take off the air.

“That’s frustrating to me, that these people are allowed to have a platform,” Rivera added. “And then, one specific news agency, every time they have someone on, ‘I’m not a doctor, but the vaccines don’t work.’ Or ‘I’m not an epidemiologist, but vaccines are going to give you a third nipple and make you sterile.’ Come on. That, to me? That should not be allowed.”

There are some high-profile holdouts in the NFL to taking the coronavirus vaccine.

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley is the most outspoken opponent of taking the vaccine.

Others – like Tennessee Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill – admitted the NFL’s protocols made living life impossible without taking the vaccine.

Fox News is an easy target for many on the Left.

But no one on Fox News is “anti-vaxx.”

Hosts like Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham say anyone who wants the vaccine should take it, but the government and medical experts aren’t leveling with the American people about their effectiveness or potential side effects.

And for that, Ron Rivera thinks they should be taken off the air.

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