You would think retired NFL players would be successful after their careers.

But more often than not they end up either in a jail cell or broke, living on the street.

And an NFL legend just got sued for causing a death at a youth football game.

National Football League players make an excessive amount of money for what they do.

Their job is literally to play a kids’ game.

And for being the top of the top athletes in the kids’ game they get paid millions of dollars.

So when they finally put up their cleats and retire you would think these players would be successful after their career and have a good amount of money set aside.

Unless they’re Tom Brady, odds are they are going to retire while they are still in their mental and physical prime.

So at worst if you don’t have millions of dollars saved up you can actually find a real person’s job and make a hard, honest living.

But for some reason, retired NFL players just either go back on the streets broke or end up in a jail cell for a crime they have committed.

It never fails.

A multi-million dollar player leaves the NFL and a few years later gets busted for a crime and gets years in prison.

Just look at the past NFL players who have done this.

Over the past several years multiple retired NFL players were convicted by the Department of Justice in a scheme to defraud health care benefits from the NFL.

Now it looks like another retired NFL player is going to go broke, if not end up in jail.

Aqib Talib was involved in an altercation at a youth football game that resulted in a coach getting shot to death.

Michael Hickmon was coaching the Dragons Elite Academy that was playing Talib’s team, North Dallas United Bobcats.

One thing led to another and a parents’ altercation started with Talib going after Hickmon.

Hickmon went for the game ball and that’s when Talib started throwing punches.

But by the end of the fight started by Talib, Talib’s brother Yaqub Talib ended up shooting into the crowd five times and killed Hickmon.

Now Hickmon’s family is suing Talib for wrongful death as he started the fight that led to the coach’s death.

The family is suing for an undisclosed amount of money but hopefully they bankrupt Talib and take his millions as he is the reason why Hickmon was killed in front of his son at a youth football game.

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