This is the time of year when pro football players fight for roster spots.

Hundreds get invited to training camp, but only 53 make the regular season roster.

And now an NFL player just staged a protest that could cost him his career.

Miami Dolphins tight end Adam Shaheen is one of many NFL players who refuses to take the coronavirus vaccine and is making his opposition to the league’s COVID policies known.

“You know, for me it’s a personal choice and it’s bigger than just COVID,” Shaheen told reporters after being forced to spend several days in the NFL’s COVID protocols. “I’m not going to elaborate further on that. The NFL is trying to push it. It’s no secret that they’ve been trying to push it on unvaccinated guys. You know what? I’m going to continue to go through the protocols of the unvaccinated that they make me do. I’m not going to get fined.”

Shaheen blasted the NFL for imposing policies on unvaccinated players that Shaheen claimed are designed to force team members to take the vaccine.

“But they’re not going to strong-arm me into doing something for more freedom when this is such a changing atmosphere and they’re already taking away freedoms of the unvaccinated guys. It was just a changing environment and, you know what, I’m going to keep my hands off and follow the rules that they put in place for me, but they’re not going to strong-arm myself into getting it. So, no,” Shaheen added.

Tennessee Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill echoed Shaheen’s sentiments revealing that the only reason he took the vaccine was because the league rules made life for unvaccinated players miserable.

But Tannehill is a franchise quarterback.

Shaheen is a backup tight end.

When the Dolphins are making final roster cuts, the team could choose to jettison Shaheen because of the league’s new rules about teams facing COVID outbreaks forfeiting games as opposed to rescheduling them.

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