A win is a win, and in the NFL you cannot take any victory for granted.

This is especially true as the playoffs loom in the distance.

But some wins are not as pretty as others, and for one team and their quarterback, morale is getting to be a huge problem . . . so bad that his wife is taking matters into her own hands.

In case you missed it, the Cleveland Browns barely eked out a win against the winless Detroit Lions.

The final score was 13-10 but, despite the win, the Browns are not celebrating.

In fact, things got awfully strange when Baker Mayfield, quarterback of the Cleveland Browns, skipped the post game press conference.

To make matters worse, his wife then took to Instagram to complain about Baker’s teammates.

She did not hold back a single bit.

The sad thing is, she is completely right.

The Browns this year do not look like their playoff reaching selves from last year.

This is especially true in the wake of Odell Beckham Jr.’s dramatic departure from the team.

If the Browns hope to win a Super Bowl this year, they will need to start playing better as a team.

But as any leader knows, accountability is crucial, and it is time for Baker to assume some instead of having his wife fight his battles for him.

Going forward, the Browns have a tough matchup next weekend against the Ravens on Sunday Night Football.

They will need some leadership from Baker if they hope to win and fight for a playoff spot.

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