There is no avoiding the fact that pro sports are now a political battlefield.

Players, owners, and coaches are all making their views known and protesting the President.

And now an NFL superstar encountered Trump supporters. You won’t believe what happened next.

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Deandre Hopkins is one of the players at his positions.

Houston Texans coach and General Manager Bill O’Brien was fired in large part because of the disastrous trade he engineered sending Hopkins to Arizona in exchange for running back David Johnson.

But for all his gifts on the field, Hopkins is continuing the trend of NFL players alienating fans off the fields with over the top anti-Trump antics.

Someone on social media posted that while driving to the Cardinals stadium for their Sunday Night Football matchup with the Seattle Seahawks – which the Cardinals won 37-34 in an overtime thriller – Hopkins encountered a caravan of Trump supporters that he cut off and flipped his middle fingers at.

NFL ratings continue to tank because fans are fed up with privileged and pampered millionaire pro athletes lecturing Americans about how evil and racist the country is.

Players kneel for the national anthem and stand for Black Lives Matter.

That turns fans off.

And players making it clear they hate half their fan base because they support the President will only further the NFL’s troubles.

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