Boxing is by far one of the best sports to watch during the Olympics.

But one recent match had some excitement that was completely unexpected.

That’s because an Olympic boxer just did something the boxing world hasn’t seen since Mike Tyson was champion.

The Olympics are always a hit or a miss when you cut them on.

It’s either something boring, like race walking.

Or it’s something entertaining to watch like women’s beach volleyball.

But boxing is one that is alway fun to watch, no matter the competitors.

American boxing legends like Joe Frazier and George Foreman have won gold at the Olympics.

But one thing happened this week in Olympic boxing that hasn’t been seen since Mike Tyson was in the ring.

During a heavyweight fight between Morocco’s Youness Baalla and New Zealand’s David Nyika, an ear was nearly bitten off.

Baalla was losing the fight so badly that he decided to just try and take the ear of Nyika.

Unsurprisingly, he was penalized for the move and ultimately lost the fight.

But that’s one bout that makes these otherwise lackluster woke Tokyo Olympics worth talking about.

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