One of the biggest debates right now is whether or not Colin Kaepernick should be in the NFL.

This spring he was given a chance to workout for the Las Vegas Raiders, but the rumor is that his performance was as bad as it gets.

Now another NFL legend turned against Colin Kaepernick and backed claims of his embarrassing Raiders workout.

Colin Kaepernick is the crappy story in the NFL that never dies.

The guy saw his career ending as his performance plummeted back in 2014.

And to add a layer of job security he became a cop-hating race baiter.

So when he finally became just as bad as every other washed up quarterback and was cut from the 49ers, he had a career path in the Black Lives Matter movement.

And since then he has been a god-like relic for the woke movement.

But after comparing the NFL to the slave trade, Kaepernick now wants to be put back in chains and join an NFL team plantation.

And as a result, back in May he had a workout with the Las Vegas Raiders to get a spot on the team.

But since the workout, the Raiders haven’t called him back and many are wondering why.

Well, previously, Warren Sapp informed everyone just how bad the workout really was.

Sapp claimed that the workouts were “one of the worst workouts ever.”

And these comments pissed off countless Kaepernick groupies, but now someone else is coming to Sapp’s defense stating the same thing.

Former legendary linebacker LaVar Arrington is backing Sapp’s claims.

Arrington told Fox Sports Radio that:

I know Sapp pretty well . . . He ain’t lying,” Arrington said. “One thing Sapp is not is a ‘liar.’ If you’ve played for an organization, you know people in the organization. There’s certain places that you can get information that in other cases you wouldn’t get that information.

Sapp played for the Raiders, and Sapp probably has a relationship with a couple people that are in the organization. If Sapp didn’t know, hear, or have a discussion with someone who was in the organization he wouldn’t have even talked about it.

He continued:

Sapp might not have talked to the people that YOU spoke to but that doesn’t mean he didn’t speak to people in the organization who A) either knew from other evaluators what the evaluation was, or B) directly to the people who were doing the workout and got that information first hand. He’s not making that up.

Only time will tell to see if the Raiders actually sign Kaepernick, but no signing thus far speaks volumes.

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