Antonio Brown is one of the craziest athletes to ever step foot on the football field.

But right when you thought he couldn’t do anything worse he goes out there and raises the stupidity bar even higher.

Now Antonio Brown appears bound and determined to become the next OJ Simpson

When you think about the collapses of stars and professional athletes there are many names that come up.

Names like OJ Simpson bring memories back of his fall from being one of the best athletes on the field to a convicted criminal.

But recently, no athlete has done more to tarnish his name than Antonio Brown.

The man used to be one of the best wide receivers the NFL had ever seen.

But once he left the Pittsburgh Steelers, the man took a spiral down that no one could have imagined.

Just within the past year he’s gotten into a personal spat with Tom Brady, which included him posting pictures of him and Tom’s ex-wife.

Also in the Fall, videos surfaced of Antonio Brown trying to rub his nuts on some random woman in Dubai.

But right when you thought it couldn’t get much worse for Antonio Brown the man is doing everything he can to become OJ Simpson 2.0.

Earlier this week, police showed up to Antonio Browns’ Tampa Bay house for him allegedly assaulting a woman in his house.

So police issued an arrest warrant to serve the former wide receiver.

The only issue is, Antonio Brown is refusing to come out of his house and locked every door and window in his house once the police showed up.

And as of Friday morning, Antonio Brown has still refused to come out of his house to be arrested.

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