It’s hard to deny the fact that a lot of weird things have been happening over the past couple of years.

And recently, in sports, something very strange is going on that no one can explain.

Recently, a Baltimore Ravens’ rising star and NCAA record holder suddenly died adding to the list of mysterious deaths in sports.

When the world went bat crap crazy with the Wuhan Virus in the first quarter of 2020, no one could have expected just how insane the world was about to get.

The scene of watching March Madness getting canceled live on air was something no one could have ever imagined.

And finally when the leagues realized that virtue signaling alone by shutting down wouldn’t pay the bills, then they opened up to freakish empty stadiums.

But thankfully things are going back to the way they were before the world lost its mind.

Yet as things go back to normal, one very strange thing has been happening.

Healthy young athletes with no prior known medical conditions are suddenly dying.

It’s been an “unexplained” phenomenon that has been going on for months now.

Nearly every week, another high school, college, or professional athlete just dies without any explanation.

Well, within the past week, as Sports with Balls previously reported, former Portland Trail Blazer basketball player Caleb Swanigan died of natural causes at the old age of 25.

And then, just a few days ago, Baltimore Ravens rising star linebacker Jaylon Ferguson suddenly and tragically died.

Jaylon held the NCAA sack record with 45 sacks and was moving his way up the roster with the Baltimore Ravens.

On Tuesday, Baltimore police found him dead in a home with no signs of trauma or overdose.

And he had recently been checked out by the Ravens medical staff to participate in off-season practices.

It certainly has lots of folks asking: what the hell is going on?

UPDATE: Autopsy results confirm Jaylon Ferguson died from the “combined effects” of fentanyl and cocaine.

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