We all know that the NFL is filled with a bunch of felons.

But who would’ve guessed that Brett Favre was a crime ring leader.

And Brett Favre could be done for and behind bars if these allegations are true.

Your state penitentiary is probably the only place near you that would have more felons than the NFL.

The national felons league is known for having some real winners.

Sure the league has had an extensive list of actual convicted felons among team rosters.

And overall there were over 800 misdemeanor convictions in the NFL in 2021.

That doesn’t even count the criminals we all know in the NFL without a true criminal conviction.

Deshaun Watson has literally faced 24 allegations of sexual assault with matching stories.

But one king of crimes no one could have ever expected is Brett Favre.

There has already been an ongoing case against Favre for accusations of welfare fraud.

But now the case seems to be more than just pure allegations.

A woman convicted for embezzlement of welfare funds in Mississippi has informed prosecutors that she was ordered by the former Governor of the state to provide Favre with millions of dollars.

A local news report claims that the woman, Nancy New, recently stated:

[R]easonably relied on then-Governor Phil Bryant, acting within his broad statutory authority as chief executive of the State, including authority over MDHS and TANF, and his extensive knowledge of Permissible TANF Expenditures from 12 years as State Auditor, four years as Lieutenant Governor, and a number of years as Governor leading up to and including the relevant time period to provide $5 million on behalf of the State of Mississippi to Prevacus, Inc. during a meeting with Jake Vanlandingham at Brett Favre’s home.

If these reports are true, Favre could be in some deep trouble and the latest ex-NFL player to be convicted of a felony.

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