Former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre made the media rounds.

But an interview with CNN quickly flew off the rails.

That’s because when Brett Favre went on CNN, he left this liberal anchor furious with his answers.

Favre appeared on CNN with former WWE wrestler Chris Nownzski – who retired from WWE due to concussions – to promote his effort to tell parents not to let their children play tackle football until they were 14 because of concerns about blows to the head and CTE.

But the interview went off the rails when anchor Kate Bolduan presumed that Favre was another left-wing athlete who mindlessly supported the calls to mandate vaccines.

Bolduan asked Favre about why so many high profile NFL players like DeAndre Hopkins, Kirk Cousins, and Cole Beasley refused to get the vaccine.

Favre explained there was a “great deal of uncertainty” around the vaccines, and that “you hear one thing one day and you hear something totally different the next.”

News about the Biden administration authorizing booster shots will only fuel that mistrust as Americans were initially told the vaccines were 95 percent effective, but now the experts say that wanes over time.

“We’re sort of the human trial, if you will, and I think some people are frightened by that,” Favre added.

Bolduan then demanded to know if Favre took the vaccine, to which Favre responded that it was none of anyone’s business, telling Bolduan he’d “rather not say one way or the other.”

Favre made the sensible point that he wasn’t a doctor so it wasn’t his job to demand Americans get the vaccine.

Instead, Favre told Americans to consult with their doctor and if they wanted to get the vaccine they should.

That did not leave Bolduan happy as the editorial mandate is to promote mandatory vaccination, so she closed the interview by saying “every health official from the top down, from local doctors to the government, to the best scientists in America and beyond, have said that coronavirus vaccines are safe and the only way to make it out of this pandemic.”

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