NFL players always have trouble with the law.

And former NFL great Brett Favre might be the next felon from the league.

In fact, Favre’s days as a free man look to be numbered after this report broke about the NFL legend.

The NFL has produced amazing moments in sports history.

We can all remember one play from our lifetimes that we will never forget.

But there are also countless felons who played in the NFL that we will always remember.

Who can forget OJ Simpson and his must-see murder trial that captivated the country?

What about Michael Vick and his pups?

Well, now we have Brett Favre and his welfare fraud.

Favre has been hounded with accusations of millions of dollars in welfare fraud.

And now it looks like the walls are closing in on him.

Favre’s show “The SiriusXM Blitz With Brett Favre and Bruce Murray” has been put on hold as accusations that the FBI was involved in his case are making the rounds on the news.

If the FBI has shown us anything, it’s that they would rather investigate and charge people like Farve over those on Jeffery Epstein’s travel list to molest children.

Brett Favre needs to tread lightly on this matter before he becomes the NFL’s next top felon.

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