As sports continue to lose real men, you will find even bigger beta males in the broadcasting booths.

But that isn’t the case for Brent Musburger who keeps it real all the time.

In fact, Musburger doesn’t give two rips about what the woke outrage mob thinks about him and he is a savage for it.

Like everything else in society, sports are becoming feminized and especially football.

No sport has taken a greater nosedive on their testosterone levels than football has over the past few decades.

Every player is more sensitive to feelings.

Most players can’t take a hit now and cry when they do get hit.

And to be honest, most players today wouldn’t survive a game in the NFL we grew up loving.

But even with the beta males in sports, you will find full-blown pansies in the broadcasting booth and sports commentary.

These are the guys who usually sucked at sports but still wanted to feel important.

You got guys like Stephen A. Smith running around on ESPN who hasn’t played a down of football in his life and is somehow a football expert.

But we all know the man is just a low-T midget with an ego.

Well, the same can’t be said for Brent Musburger.

Brent is a legend in the booth and a man’s man.

Brent Musburger has made some legendary calls in sports over his prolific career.

But one sound bite from a game he did back in 2013 made the woke outrage mob go mad.

Brent was trying to fill time for a boring game and started to comment on A.J. McCarron’s hot girlfriend.

He stated while she was on the screen, “You see that lovely lady there? She does go to Auburn, and I will admit that, but she’s also Miss Alabama and that’s A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend . . . I’m telling you, you quarterbacks get all the good-looking women. What a beautiful woman. So, if you’re a youngster in Alabama, start getting the football out and throw it around the backyard with pop.”

Well nearly nine years later, Brent is busting jokes about the incident.

On a podcast called “The Shamrock”, Brent Musburger claimed, “I still tease [Brian Kelly] that when he got blown out by Alabama in that national championship game, I took all the heat off him because I called a beauty queen ‘beautiful.’ I was the villain that night in the eyes of many, especially the woke journalists with some of the papers around the country.”

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