It’s mind-boggling the amount of money you can make being involved with the NFL.

But it turns out you can also make bank for being fired from the National Football League.

And Broncos’ ex-coach Nathaniel Hackett cashed in on getting fired, showing he’s winning at life.

When people say that they want to play in the National Football League, the number one reason for many is the money involved.

No one in their right mind would want to play in the NFL and get bone-crushing hits like most of the players experience on a weekly basis.

And the amount of training and oversight is excessive because you have no control over your life or even your diet.

So really, the only perk of being in the NFL is the amount of money you get paid playing a kids’ sport.

And really the money involved with the league is mind-blowing when you think about it.

Patrick Mahomes is literally getting paid $450 million over ten years.

You break that down per minute by game over ten years, Patrick Mahomes is making around $44,000 per minute.

Even backup offensive linemen are making millions.

Well, come to find out you don’t even have to be on an NFL team to be making bank.

Coach Nathaniel Hackett for the Denver Broncos had so much hope coming into his first season at Mile High stadium.

He had what most believed was an elite quarterback in Russell Wilson along with a superior defense to work within his first year.

Their success never really panned out though and after an embarrassing loss to the Los Angeles Rams this past weekend, the Denver Broncos decided to fire Coach Hackett.

But Coach Hackett can’t be too sad as come to find out he is making an excessive amount of money just for sitting on the couch.

Hackett signed for four years with the Broncos this past offseason.

And as long as he doesn’t get another coaching job, Hackett will get paid for the next four years for doing absolutely nothing.

But just how much will he get paid?

Coach Hackett will get a whopping $80,000 per NFL regular season per week for the next four years.

That’s insane.

The Dude has it made.

Maybe his goal was to lose badly this whole time to get this golden parachute.

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