Bubba Wallace Opinion Poll

NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace led the charge to prove NASCAR could be as “woke” as other sports.

After George Floyd’s death, Wallace wore an “I can’t breathe” shirt and drove a blacked out #BlackLivesMatter car before using his 15-minutes of fame to lead a successful charge for NASCAR to ban the rebel flag.

But many longtime fans were disgusted to see Wallace and NASCAR cast fans and employees as unrepentant racists and send the FBI on a wild noose chase that turned out to be a giant hoax.

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  1. Bubba didn’t really know the story when he went on with Don Lemon. He made fools of the Nascar drivers and crew pushing his car down the track. A word to the wise know true facts before running your mouth. No longer racing fan. Good Bye Nascar


  2. guy is simply a moron; should be punished for his actions

    nascar done messed up.. very stupid

  3. NASCAR and Bubba have managed to kill the beloved sport. And oh by the way won’t be watching women’s soccer either. God help our country

  4. I hope it blows up in there face because you allowed a few minorities to dictate their political view which has no place in sports. Good luck with the outcome because I will no longer be watching. Funny how the kungflu put sports on hold and now I don’t really miss it. Unfortunately they don’t teach economics in school because you would know something about supply and demand and the cause and affect.

  5. I used to travel to races all over the country! Done with Crapcar! It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if all professional sports went bankrupt!

  6. he is typical cancer that once it arrives it spreads and kills good things like cities and neighborhoods.

  7. I believe Bubba ole boy had a ulterial motive rite at the start then had to put his tail between his legs and run….. I telling you …. when dealing with the Dumbocrats you had better have your ducks all in a row cauz they are gonna try to discredit in any fashion they can….. they are not and I repeat are not interested in the good of our dear country just what they can get for themselves and they do it over and over and over …… when r the conservatives gonna get it …. have some back bone….. and stand tall and have some balls ……… I am tellin folks …. the gunfight at the OK corral is coming so to speak……get ready all you regular folks out there…..

  8. The problem with Bubba is timing. We have all this unrest around the country so he just piles on. NASCAR removes the flag for him. Not enough though, lies about a rope hanging in his garage. America’s not the land of haters and bigots so stop the lying. He’s a driver in NASCAR. It just proves my point. Blacks have come a long way. Stop blaming everyone else for any short comings. Just look in the mirror.

  9. I’m with you Andy! I people would realize whats going on they would be up in arms about it. I have said for 2 to 3 years now that professional sports is a bunch of cry babies! They all should realize that people can only take so much complaining and crying! I am done with professional sports also.

  10. I dropped the NFL about 300 arrests ago, women’s soccer has become an inchoate parody of Soviet sports and now NASCAR is woke. Woke to what: rioting, looting, the murder of hard working police officers and the injuring of some 430 more. Sure, NASCAR is woke, just like the tweeds at the NY Times are woke.

  11. Never really paid that much attention to bubba Wallace-now I dislike him very much-I’m white and have had black friends. Blacks are calling the racist card against whites-its sickening. Obama started this war!

  12. Wow, doesn’t belong? It’s everywhere. It’s the reason the only sports I follow are a little golf and a lot Minnesota Twins. Sports is an elitist entity today completely devoid of reason.

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  14. I am fed up with the farce called Black Lives Matter. If they did these imbeciles would be working to stop the slaughter of black lives in Chicago. Their goal is to destroy America and turn it into a cesspool of communism. Deport them to Venezuela and see if they can survive Madura

  15. I agree Laura that its racism to call out any race. I’m Native American & white, I KNOW there is no superior race. Native Americans went through segregation as African Americans. I believe too it’s Obama that started this war. If he’s so good as some might think, why doesn’t he speak up for the people in Seattle, New York, etc. He doesn’t speak up because it’s political. He has more hate for our President than he loves this country or the people. Biden either doesn’t comment because they condone such behavior. Sickening. I support civilization with the law and respect my Flag. Those who don’t should leave this country.🇺🇸

  16. nascar just lost a whole lot of fans, just like nfl & nba. People are finding better things to do then watch all these racist idiots. Go start a league for all these blm & antifa MORONS!!!

  17. That’s all blacks do. People are getting tired of idiots like lemon, booba & all these other POS!!! They are the racists, continuing to keep this crap going. antifa members should all be arrested seeing as they have been designated a terrorist organization.

  18. he is a nobody i nascar, so with everything going in it was his way of getting attention, and it worked for him. now he has to produce or he will be gone.

  19. By the time they are done i will probably hate black people, while i didn’t even think of it before.

  20. By the time they are done i will probably hate black people, while i didn’t even think of it before.

  21. The mainstream media so quickly jumped before looking. The Watson story made the front page because (at this time) it was a headline grabber, not because they wanted the truth.

  22. I don’t care what bubba said about not needing the publicity. but NASCAR takes every opportunity it gets for free publicity!

  23. Jim , you are exactly right . I’m a 64 year old white man and don’t dislike anyone unless they give me a reason, but like you this crap is starting to ware on me too.

  24. Not really have any bad feelings toward Bubba, but I find it hard to support anyone who can only see life through the lens of racial inequity. A rope hanging from a garage door is typically a pull rope. Some of these pull ropes are long with loops tied, others are shorter and have a knot at the end. Both are there to make it easier to grab and pull. Most people would know this and not pay it any mind, but then there’s this guy who, given the times we are in had to race out to grab his 15 minutes of fame(?).

  25. Well Tommy , there-in lies the problem , Obama has no love for this country . He loves only the power and money he had as President . Now he has his money , both what he got from the crooked deals he made and what he managed to steal from the government with his Obama care fines etc . Plus he has his ex-President pension . And his DC mansion Plus the Martha’s Vinyard estate combined with all the traveling he and the Mooch take . He has to be robbing America blind .

  26. The slate is now cleared for me. The drivers and their venue can join the rest of professional sports in the file 13. These spoiled filthy rich babies can add to their riches without me.

  27. I am a 84 year old man and went to races at the southern short tracks in the fifties when they really raced, not just run around in circles in line following each other. I also told my wife when Petty put Wallace in his car it was trouble waiting to happen. I have been a pretty good judge of horse flesh and something just did not sit right with him. I just sensed he was going to be trouble. And Richard Petty, I used to like you, but now I no longer will watvh races unless it is a horse race.

  28. ( 1 ) COON just (1)COON did all of this to
    Wake the HELL UP AMERICA


  29. jim and terry i agree the more they try and stuff this crapt down your gullet the more you will grow to dislike blacks although i would guess most people if they where honest would say this black s-it is ruining this country vote trump in 2020

  30. Tammy–I to am of American Indian decent -Blacks -14 to 16 percent of the American population -yet everyone cowers down to them in fear of being racist–I have white friends as well as black and brown friends – I grew up playing lots of sports and I can tell you the blacks I played with were more racist than any of the rest-by far- yet they are giving more opportunities than any other race in our country- why- because people are afraid to speak out and stand up against them – everyone take a look when you make a contribution to Black Lives Matter- it goes to a bank account called Blue–which is as you can guess–the Democratic donating machine-who’s goal is to keep the blacks in their voting block and handing out just enough to keep them in line –Now one guy will screw up another great sport–and they will help him–stop watching all of them– I have so much more


  32. I used to go to Dover Speedway every fall race. I saw more African-Americans coming to the same race for many years. I never saw incidents of racism towards them or anyone else for that matter. I even tailgated in the parking lot with many,they were there to have a good time just like everyone else. In my opinion this incident was to bring more politics into a sport that shouldn’t have politics involved. It was a sport to be enjoyed by all who attended.

  33. It appears we have another person who is not qualified, to compete, so he wants it, so they will fix the races for him. He, like another person made false accusations, about racism, and our taxpayers paid the salary for 15 FBI agents, to investigate. I do not know why it took fifteen. Maybe it is time to get more qualified agents. Now, I think it is time for NASCAR, (since they bought this racism when they knew it was not), and this half qualified driver, to reimburse our taxpayers for the total expenses.

  34. Ok , Bubba had his look at me moment , now I suspect he will start complaining when he doesn’t win . “The other drivers are racist against me ” Boo Boo , poor Bubbie . Leave the politics behind and drive your car , that’s what you are paid for .

  35. He started out with a lie and ended with a lie. The rope they found in his stall was a little worn skinny shredded rope that had a knot tied in it for fingers. They showed that rope for days, then all of a sudden the little skinny, shredded rope turned into a brand new thick never been used rope that hand braids going around and around like a noose. Now Wallace sas that is a real noose. I wonder where that noose came from? He is probably part of BLM to believe like they do. Nascar can take away the Rebel Flag from their track and we the fans of real nascar said good-bye a long time ago. You can’t take away our history and we the people are still proud of all the soldiers that fought for what they believed in.

  36. I sure have lost a lot of respect for many of them. Much of this crap is caused my OLD parents teaching their children to hate the police.

  37. Agreed, i can get along with anyone. I retired in the Philippines surrounded by Black and brown people. But when i see these rich racist blacks on TV i hate them. If i ever get diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and they only give me 6 months to live, i will kill many as i can Especially Certain politicians who benefit from it all, i was in the military for 21 years i can shoot very well.

  38. What, what? None of what is happening in NASCAR right now belongs in NASCAR. It is a southern thing high up north Yankee’s have decided to get into the top positions to mandate what goes on in NASCAR. They love making it look like our flag is something to apologize for. Not in the south buddy. We had families that fought and died in that war, The war between the states. That’s what it was Northern people not wanting the south to get ahead of them!

  39. Bubba is just another Colon Kaepernic. Intentionally spelled wrong. Looking for his time in the spotlight. He got it with a lie and took NASCAR down with him. No more NASCAR. Empty seats, Empty viewers. Bye bye NASCAR.

  40. I agree with everyone of yall. I have stopped watching most sports. No more NFL. No more Nascar and no womens hockey. I still watch the horse races for the moment. But Im also like yall, I have about got to the point that I dont like Blacks. I have heard enough of how we owe them.

  41. I have not lost respect for blacks. There are many who are respectful, hard working responsible. Don’t let the ones who are doing this crap, change your mind. Its hard, put keep an poen mind.

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  46. bubba needs to shut up & race or get the hell out !!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS THE USA . he can not race at all .
    you can bet on that get him out now!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. The NFL playing the Black National Anthum before games and the NBA painting BLM on all courts I am sure that wioll bring the fans and support back. Now Add NASCAR and their banning of teh confederate flag. BLM/Antifa people never did support or attend any of these sports. lets see how many seats BLM and Antifa fill.

  48. I’m a Northerner who agrees with you; the war was about industry; the South could survive on its own & we needed some of it. This foolishness now is made up as they go along to get in control of a country they NEVER contributed to. MY forefathers , the Native Americans, gave up their land so these mental midgets need to sit down.

  49. Wallace made it to the Track for his DRIVING SKILLS.

    HIS ATTITUDE, and HIS ACTIONS proved to the world that even an accomplished Driver can develop into another USELESS TOKEN

  50. all this is being pushed by the far left,they don’t even want the common man and woman enjoy a damn thing,doing way with the history of the civil war is not right,just going to be a lot more of stupid people coming up,as if we don’t have enough of them now.I was raised with the blacks way back ,we played and fought just like kids do but never held a grudge against any of them.here in Mississippi we lost our state flag,the peoples flag that was voted on,by a few in Jackson thats scare that it will drive away people as well as new businesses,we don’t need outsiders coming in and telling us what we can and can not do,the carpetbaggers got rich down here after the war and they treated the freed blacks worst than when they were slaves .Yes i see where you coming from,but the American Black does not understand their history and what they are doing to this country,their country and how they really got here.

  51. This guy is going to be nothing BUT trouble!! next year he will want a lead position because he be black….. Nascar will give it to him for PC reasons and to prove they aren’t prejudice………. there goes NASCAR

  52. The kneeling for the National Anthem was disrespect to AMERICA, but playing the Black National Anthem is forcing THEIR beliefs on the AMERICAN PEOPLE. Yes, slavery was wrong and racism is also wrong from either side. Supremacy is wrong for ANYONE IS CREATED EQUAL BY GOD AND BY THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTION. There are forces in AMERICA today that are trying to divide AMERICANS, by dividing us is to conquer and destroy AMERICA.

  53. Lyndon Johnson started the great society of welfare. All cities have subsidized bussing
    There’s many of these things I can list that apply to to underprivileged both black and white. I personally am so tired of Black Lives Matter. Not only are they tearing our country apart and separated us even more and making people buy more guns because they’re scared. I do not know any black person that has not been helped in someway for him to be able to help himself and get out of a hole. When I was married I made four dollars an hour I had a child eventually got out of the hole it took me a lifetime but I didn’t ask anybody to give it to me. To tear down my statues of not only southern accomplishments but the creators of this country?
    Bubba, please stick to racing and leave the politics alone we’ve got enough of it we got enough people like you want to blab their mouth. If somebody wants to fly the rebel flag then turn your head the other way. Jesus said turn your head the other way!

  54. Mike what I would like to know is what would happen if a white driver came out with a car painted with “White Lives Matter” painted on it???? My guess is Al Sharpton would be at every race track stirring up trouble, leading violent protest. In my opinion Wallace played the race card after the death of George Floyd and NASCAR just like most of corporate America pandered to Blacks and over reacted destroying the rich history of the sport. Now the NFL has come up with a “Black National Anthem” funny thing is I’m 71 years old and have never heard it before nor the country of Black that would warrant a National Anthem. Politicians every election year swear they will recognize issues and correct them that are important to Black People, then once the election is over, do nothing until they want the Black Vote the next election!!!!! Stunts like this only serve to divide the races instead of bringing us all together, but that’s the political agenda, “Divide and Conquer” if they keep the races against each other, they are able to control the people. If we stop the race stunts and join together, then we may actually see Politicians that keep their promises.

  55. It was all a setup deal. No telling how many times he stuck his finger in the loop to pull down the door. Like all the rest of the Democrats and BLM and their supporters are all racist and the stupidest. Can’t see to my soul how anyone can vote democrat. Don’t watch sports anymore just old westerns.

  56. Typical,come in to nascar ,advertise his racial mask and t-shirt and demand to take the Confederate flag down then pulled a hang man noose stunt..Drivers need to keep running this a,,hole into the wall till he quits..

  57. Sports players are not getting paid for their ability in the fields and on the tracks. They are getting paid for their big mouths. This whole country is going to hell in a hand basket. Everything has been turned inside out and upside down. Are any of you happy with it? Are you going to keep allowing all of it to happen until YOU have no life left? It’s about 85% there, folks. Think about it. You are all chicken $hits and will lose all we have built over the centuries because YOU do NOTHING but watch and listen then complain.

  58. I’m from the same town as a REAL DRIVER/ GENTLEMAN, that Happens to be BLACK, thatWas the FIRST!!! Mr Wendell Scott!!! Watched him race all over the old tracks BACK IN THE DAY!! NEVER ONCE did he EVER have a problem with Fansor competitors!!! I’ve seen him come to the aid in the Pitts to HELP other Drivers ( White) & MANY TIMES IT WAS THE OTHER WAY AROUND, cause he wasn’t funded as good as some & DUE TO THE RESPECT EVERYONE HAD FOR WENDELL HE WAS ALWAYS ABLE TO COMPLETE. This RACEBAITER ? bubba? Is a Disgrace to NASCAR, Although they are doing aGREAT JOB OF DISGRACING THEMSELVES!! I for one am DONE W NASCAR AFTER60+ YEARS JUST LIKE THE NFL!!! YOUR TOO DAMN WOKE🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


  60. After the anti free speech bullshet at OSU against it’s coach by a black players and others on the team/university . It won’t be long before the BLM take over the college sports and starts to infect our high schools. NUFF SAID !!!

  61. Wallace is like Barack Obama, neither of these idiots are Black, they are half black. They have forgotten they are half white.

    I am from the South and will fly the Confederate Flag until the day I die.


  63. I am white,and used to be an early I.M.S.A. race driver. Nascar generously supported our club,and let us use many of their tracks for racing I.M.S.A. in 1971. That is one of the times I met Mr. Wendell Scott,a man first,a racer second,a nice guy third, and oh yeah! He was also black. I watched MANY white drivers,and team people both give,and get help from Mr.Scott. He will always live in my memory as a man i really liked,and respected. Via Con Dios Wendell

  64. NASCAR is an escape from all the politics. NASCAR just screwed that up too.
    they won’t come back as before.

  65. I have not watched a pro football game since the kneeling started – don’t miss them. I never watch the NBA, a bunch of thugs making way too much money.
    MLB has been on and off for the past 15 years or so since they went on strike. $500,000 minimum to sit on the bench! Haven’t been to a game in over 10 years
    and doubt if I ever will again.

    It is time for the many fans, season ticket holders, and everyone to stop spending your hard earned money on talented rich thugs and punks and stop buying he sports gear. Wake up, they are spitting in your faces.

    p.s. Hollywood is the same so stop going to movie theaters. This is our only way to send them a message. Shut up and support the USA.

  66. Debi–he’s a half breed and grew up in the good life just like Kapernick…the best of everything and its still not enough for them…He was a terrible driver to begin with and needed some publicity just like the NFL guy…who was a terrible player…but he got his publicity and now a good job because the NFL boss is playing to the rioters.


  68. This man is disgusting. What are his thoughts on a WHITE POWER paint job. How about KILL ALL BLACKS! Both about as stupid as he is. He has injected politics into a sport where none ever existed. He should leave and join the NBA.

  69. Not much to say except that I won’t watch nascar or football and as far as that goes, sports is out for this household. Much better shows to watch that respect our Flag and our Country.

  70. Bubba should be ashamed of himself. He should have investigated before opening his mouth. There are racial issues everywhere that call for justice. But Bubba’s false cry of wolf degrades all the good people seeking racial justice. Moreover, we should never downplay all the racial obstacles and barriers that hard working and dedicated Blacks and AfroAmericans as well as other groups have done so magnificently in overcoming. Let us never forget people like Rosa Parks, Dr Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and others who have inspired all of us with their struggles for freedom and civil rights. This is a great American triumph and should not be made fun of by Bubba. I hate to say this as I am a lifelong Democrat from a Democrat family, but Trump is probably right: Bubba you owe all of us, Black and Brown and Red and Yellow and Caucasian, a sincere APOLOGY,

  71. Bubba. You accused the very people who pay your salary, the fans, of being racists! Go to hell!

  72. Bubba is a whiner and a cryer , nobody even heard of him , until he whined and got national attention . He’s still WORTHLESS !!!

  73. I agree with Francis. Thing is that blacks continue to fall for what the politicians say they are going to do for them and then do nothing when the politicians don’t keep their word. We are seeing that now in Washington. Look at the democrats in congress…they want to keep blacks enslaved in poverty and on welfare instead of empowering them to live the American dream. And, the sad thing is that black members of congress are in on it too. They don’t care about their own people. It’s sad.
    As for Bubba Wallace…he will end up just like Jussee Smollett. After the stunt he pulled (he knew that rope was intended to be used to pull down the garage door) his days are numbered. NASCAR fans aren’t stupid and won’t support this type of shenanigan’s.

  74. Jim. If blacks want to be treated equal to every other race of people, what is happening now is setting them back hundreds of years. We can’t lump them all into one category though because there are allot of wonderful people of color who don’t agree with what is going on in the world right now and they shouldn’t have to suffer for others stupidity.

  75. i agree. Whats become of this beautiful country? i will continue to support my flag, till i die and i will gladly die doing it.OLD vet here just wondering I STILL REMAIN LOYAL TO THIS COUNTRY FOREVER.

  76. FBI sent 11 detectives to Talladega to look into hate crime, found only a pull rope on garage door with a loop tied on it. Where was the FBI when the stature of Columbus was torn off its foundation and rolled in to the bay?? Your tax dollars pay for the FBI and the leadership or cowards in the first degree!!! Read History, the civil war as terrible as it was did not start over slavery. Like all other wars, politics and greed is the culprit and who pays the price? YOYO Bush ordered the military to invaded Iraq, how did that come out!!

  77. we were doing great before obumer he tough us to hate each other,and as you can see he did a good job.

  78. I am done with NFL, MLB, NBA, Nascar, and any athlete that disrespects our country and flag. Its time people get back to living, loving, and enjoying life and forget all this hate and disrespecting our country and the police. Jerry

  79. Dem leftist insurrectionists had to find a way to erase any NASCAR love for DJT. This guy was willing to play the race card to undermine faith in the POTUS’ policies. As with so many sports, MSM, political org. lies, this backfired. We not only have Fake Leftist News, Fake Leftist sports ala ESPN and the Colin type dunces, but we have a Political Party which would undermine every pro US speech, event and org. just to divide the USA for Nov. 3.

  80. I have been a Richard Petty fan a long time.I have been pulling for Bubba Wallace.I thought he was a great guy.THE BLM is a RACIEST group…THIS GROUP OF WHICH IS NOTHING BUT RACIAL disarae. I no longer follow NASCAR ,NFL ,MLB. I was going to Daytona when it was on the beach, Phoenix , Wisconsin, but NO MORE.Thanks for the MEMORIES

  81. NASCAR has been working for several years to ruin this sport for spectators any way. This thing with Mr. Wallace just amplifies the overall effort to run the sport into the ground. I used to go to several races every year, and watched as many as I could on television. Now they should go ahead and give all of their racers a participation trophy! They have eliminated EARNING their way to winning. Now the racers don’t earn their lap back by racing to the caution flag. Now the racers can do a simple single car spin to get a caution so they won’t loose a lap. Now they know they will have a caution at every 1/3rd of the race. NASCAR should forget giving the “champion” the big trophy and championship party, etc. I don’t even watch them any more! NASCAR should go ahead and close down. They have ruined NASCAR racing!

  82. I liked him But when you use the race card and NASCAR puppys Down to him I don’t watch NASCAR anymore and the same with all Sports

  83. I will no longer be watching NASCAR, NFL, NBA, or any other sport that will bow down to a Marxist organization that is trying to overthrow the United States.

  84. You are so correct. But it’s hard to tell HISTORY to ignorant. Sports should stop being racists. There should be an equal distribution of race members on each team to play. None of this all same single race. 50/ 50.


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