No sports league has taken a nosedive in fan support and ratings like NASCAR.

They have embraced woke drivers like Bubba Wallace while shunning their traditional all-American drivers.

But Bubba Wallace showed the world just how big of a piece of trash he really is.

NASCAR used to be one of America’s fastest-growing sports.

People were actually willing to get together, drink beers, and watch cars make left turn after left turn for hours on end.

That’s because NASCAR had big time drivers and American icons like Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt.

These drivers used to connect with the fan base as they were down-to-earth and a symbol of hard work.

But those days of having drivers who fans could connect with are long gone.

Now we’re stuck with woke drivers like Bubba Wallace.

Bubba Wallace is worried about one thing, and that’s himself.

The man is willing to do anything to get attention including making up phony stories to race-bait the Fake News Media.

And he has gone on CNN to attack fans for bringing the Confederate flag to races while calling cops racists.

The guy is nothing more than a self-serving diva and NASCAR has been all-in for him over their fan base.

Well, now it looks like that move is about to backfire on the racing league.

This past weekend in Las Vegas, Bubba Wallace, and Kyle Larson were side-by-side when all of a sudden Bubba Wallace became enraged and wrecked Larson and took them both out of the race.

But his rage didn’t end there.

Once they were both in the grass, Bubba Wallace jumped out of his car and started to shove Larson and even looked like he was about to try and knock him out.

NASCAR was forced to react so they gave Bubba Wallace a slap on the wrist with a one game suspension.

But NASCAR has made their bed by supporting Bubba Wallace over the past several years and now they have to suffer through his antics.

If Wallace would have pulled that stunt back in the day, Earnhardt would have knocked his ass out.

Maybe that’s just what Bubba Wallace needs.

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